The Realest 10 Rules of Cool

Conceptually, the Rules of Cool were taken from Details magazine’s monthly Rules of Style. Here, I give a few thoughts on etiquette, shopping and overall style.

1. Confidence is attractive.
It is the essence of cool in men and the source of sexiness in women.
2. If you’re on the fence about wearing something, don’t wear it.
Otherwise, you’ll be thinking about it all day/night. See rule #1.
3. Slim clothes on men are cool, tight clothes are not.
Contemporary style finds overlap in male and female style. Femininity in women and masculinity in men allow for the styles to never look the same. But men should NOT get carried away. Your “package” isn’t like that of a woman–when seen through clothing, it’s a repellant.
4. Dress to please yourself and those you’d like to attract will take notice.
I find that many guys dress with other guys in mind; they don’t want to be ridiculed by other men for taking fashion risks. Stop it. In order to get the truth, ask the opinion of a woman. The fact is, those guys will be emulating your look at the next party.
5. Don’t be afraid to try it on.
Generic sizes (S, M, L) fluctuate brand to brand and Wayfarers don’t look good on everyone. Utilize the fitting room and the mirror.
6. It’s always a great look to be personable and well-mannered.
Shaking someone’s hand, smiling when you greet them, saying ‘thank you,’ contributing to interesting conversation—these are the attractive accessories that contribute to the overall picture that is you.
7. Despise trendy, embrace individualism.
Before you criticize someone for wearing something that is “sooo last year,” ask yourself ‘does it look good?’
8. Window shop.
From time to time, it’s healthy to look without the intent to purchase. This will allow you to let a look really set in your mind. You may develop different styling ideas or grow to hate it entirely. When you return to buy, you’ll purchase it with greater certainty.
9. Why not be well-groomed?
Drop the fitted cap and wear a haircut. Brush/comb that beard, and if you like to shape it, give it a full look (no thin jaw-line beards please—may that style die a thousand deaths).
10. Before you freely speak, know your audience and forum.
I had a dance teacher that wouldn’t use excessively profane language in the presence of women. I can’t say that I apply this rule entirely, but I’ve learned to get a feel for those I’m communicating with and then tailoring the conversation accordingly.
The word ‘swag’ is dead.
I renounce that word as it has become not only a cliche, but a lazy substitute for describing the detail that makes one cool. Truthfully, if “swagger” is indeed this inexplicable coolness beyond the norm, we can’t all really have it.
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One Response to The Realest 10 Rules of Cool

  1. Peacock says:

    #4. is big, really wish people would just dress to impress self before others and #7, I believe there is no such thing as last year. Mixing the past with the present tends to create the future(something new).

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