Wise Words from Glenn O’Brien

As a diligent GQ magazine reader, I’ve come to admire the wisdom of the great Glenn O’Brien. For those who don’t know, Glenn is the acclaimed “Style Guy” at Gentlemen’s Quarterly who’s known for solving the sartorial conundrums of readers curious enough to inquire within.

I believe that there’s something admirable about a man who is attentive to style, but never at the expense of masculinity and is careful enough not to overcalculate—and although great style is determined by the preference and eye of the beholder (hence the reason why even the style greats never truly “arrive”), Glenn helps us get as close to cool, stylish and elegant as one man can. Here’s my favorite from GQ’s January ’11 issue…


I’ve grown tired of my office’s lax dress code, so I’ve started wearing suits, but my colleagues won’t stop ragging me about why I’m all dressed up.>>Tell the uncool guys around the watercooler that you’re not dressing for them; you’re dressing for life. If they persist, you might add that you’re going places, and in those other places people don’t just wear and do the absolute minimum. Life isn’t about being up to code—it’s about far exceeding it.

Seriously, how cool is that?

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