Mos Def Graces the Cover of Antenna Magazine

I’m an “always” fan of Mos Def. Dudes music, his style, his overall cool is…admirable. Hell, it’s damn near enviable. Witness the maturation of Black Dante. Props to BK Circus for the dope threads. Read on.

The BKc, Mos Def + Antenna Mag: Mos Def seen here wearing The Bkc “Japanese brushed cotton” trousers on the cover of Antenna magazine this month. The trousers have become a staple of the BKc offering and have also become a staple of Mos’ wardrobe, since he now owns all three colors. The first two he personally picked up at The Brooklyn Circus NYc and the final piece (army green) was personally delivered to him by The Bearded Man. A few weeks ago Mos called The Bearded Man last minute to confirm that his tickets were at the box office for the Premiere of his play “Free Men of Color” and requested the only pair he did not own in the Japanese brushed cotton” trio- The Green monster. After an amazing show, we slipped backstage to congratulate him on the show and deliver the final piece of his BKc trouser fascination. We kicked it backstage while John Midgley a big Mos fan held his camera tightly as we talked about the show, life, style and all things creative. Stay for more on this “Trio” of course the pants but the “Trio” of Mos, BKc and John Midgley. The BKc Style + Character & the 100 Year Plan . . .

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