Christopher Waltz and GQ Exhibit Solid Cool

If all your dress shirts are white or blue, it's time to mix in more interesting solid colors. Start with pink. Believe it or not, all of us can pull it off. Wool suit, $500 by Calvin Klein. Shirt, $375, by Simon Spurr. Tie, $130, by Emporio Armani. Pocket square by Jay Kos. Sunglasses by Paul Smith Spectacles.

@RealestCool Every dude should pickup the occasional GQ magazine.

GQ always serves as my inspiration to look better everyday. Hence, the reason I give the publication such praise. This month, Inglourious Basterds’ star, Christopher Waltz, teams with GQ to show you and me how to mix solids beautifully. The threads on display are well beyond my budget, but the lesson in style? Priceless.

Waltz also stars in The Green Hornet, with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, in theaters now.

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The navy suit is an elegant classic. But how do you make it feel more now? Pair it with our favorite dress shirt of the season—khaki. Wool suit, $1,845, by Jil Sander. Shirt, $275, by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Tie, $125, by John Varvatos USA. Pocket square by Paul Stuart. Sunglasses by Banana Republic.

Once you've got a pink shirt, try mixing a lavender one into your arsenal. It will instantly make your go-to blue suit feel brand-new again. Wool-silk suit, $1,095, by Versace Collection. Shirt, $160, by Thomas Pink. Tie, $60, by J.Crew. Pocket square by Brunello Cucinelli.

Got the formula down yet? Solid suit, solid shirt, solid tie—all of them in subtly surprising colors. Like tobacco brown, for instance. Wool suit, $895, by Boss Black. Shirt, $375, by Lorenzini. Tie, $155, by Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Shoes, $750, by Hermès. Socks by Falke. Pocket square by Dunhill.

You'll look great in a khaki suit with a white shirt and black tie. No problem. But to kick it up a notch, just add color. Here, Waltz wears a gray shirt and a hunter green tie. Cotton-blend suit, $1,845, shirt, $420, and tie, $220, by Prada. Pocket square by The Tie Bar.

The surefire way to apply this solid-suit, solid-shirt, solid-tie formula for nighttime is to go dark with all three tones. Wool suit, $1,495, by Burberry London. Shirt, $135, by Saks Fifth Avenue Men's Collection. Tie, $88, by Unis. Pocket square by Seize sur Vingt.

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