Coolest Award: 2011 Oscar’s Best Dressed Man is…

Nothing makes a man LOOK better than a woman.

Christian Bale!

It took all of five minutes watching Bale as crack-addicted, boxing has-been Dicky Eklund in 2010’s The Fighter for me to know that he’d be nominated for Best Supporting Actor. But, if you would’ve told me then that he’d take the Coolest Award for Best Dressed, well, I would’ve listed a host of front-runners who were better qualified.

Nevertheless, Jared says that Christian wore a Gucci suit, watch and cufflinks. Other jewels were provided by Harry Winston. And maybe I’ve become rather beard-obsessed as of late, but me thinks Bale carried the heavy whiskers with elegance and class.

I wish, however, that Bale wouldn’t have given us a preview to his Oscar threads at the Golden Globes back in January when he donned a similar look. But the Oscar look was polished thanks to the added vest and much-needed hair trim.

Just when you think that the male black-tie uniform has become uninspired and exhibits little-to-no individuality, someone walks in with a beard, a good fit and gives classic style new life.

More pics and Bale discussing winning Best Supporting Actor after the jump.

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