“Nuttin make a man feel better than a woman.”

"...Queen with a crown that be down for whatever."

It’s ironic. Yes, that’s what it is. That there is no greater way to raise a man’s stock than to have a beautiful, dedicated, down-for-whatever woman on his arm is indeed ironic. The right woman will make you the envy of other guys and draw the temptation of other women.

Think about it. Was Kanye not at his dopest when Amber was around to compliment him? Is Brad Pitt not eerily cooler because Angelina is his woman? And I can’t tell you how many barber shop debates have surrounded Jay-Z’s celebrity stock and whether or not it’s based on him being Mr. Knowles.

For Seinfeld fans, recall the “Bizzaro Jerry” episode when George discovered that by claiming that the attractive woman pictured in is his wallet was his deceased fiancé, he could earn a backstage pass to the world of the beautiful female elite. “It’s like I’ve already been with one of [their] own. My hand’s been stamped. I come and go as I please.”

While contemporary culture frowns on the committed, the truth is, fidelity is actually an element of male cool that goes largely unnoticed. Men often take for granted the presence of a solid woman and what it does for our overall image; not for the profit of more women, but for a completed picture, fresh insight and bonafide swagger (that is, Hova-like swagger, not Souljah Boy “swag”).

So, while you may learn that a good, beautiful woman brings the temptation of others like them, remember that this is the curse, not the gift.

Step your cuffin’ game up.

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