“Still I see no changes. Can’t a brother get a little peace?” -2Pac

Passerby: Ridin’ on the sidewalk, huh?
Biker: Yeah
Passerby: Man, you a grown man. You know that’s against the law, man.
Biker: I just got my training wheels off. I’m still afraid of the streets.
Passerby: Well, you should put ’em back on then… 

C’mon son! To call these police officers overzealous would be a gross understatement and might even imply that they were actually trying to do the right thing.

I’ve always been the first to admit when a person who’d been handled aggressively by law enforcers, regardless of race, had essentially “asked for it.” This surely isn’t one of those cases. Fact is, all it would take is the integrity of one, just one of the officers in this video to speak up and prevent an injustice.

These aren’t “civil servants” so much as they are self-serving, egotistical buffoons with weapons. I’m appalled.

#NP: NWA – *** the Police

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