Common Performs at the White House; PoliTricks as Usual

“Even through the unseen, I know that God watches. Through one King’s dream he was unable to Barack us…”

Amidst oodles of unnecessary drama, Common eloquently performed an uplifting poem to a White House audience last night. For those that don’t know, after being invited to recite his poetry at the White House, the media (read: Fox News) began a campaign against the Obama Administration for selecting Common, citing his lyrics as “dangerous” and “misogynistic.”

It’s infuriating when right-wing politicians self-righteously cast stones at hip-hop. And of all rappers; Common?! Painting Lonnie Lynn as a gangsta rapper is a stretch, even for the Fox News network. 

Whether the lyrics are real or fake, destructive or constructive, rap is entertainment. It’s a product of the worst social circumstances made enjoyable. At the end of the day, if movies can portray social evils, then so can music. And if it’s the practice of our country to disassociate itself from misogynists and womanizers, well, whaddya say we do something about that guy on the five-dollar bill?

On the other hand, while it’s easy to say “Here we go again. Another rapper trying to do things right, will have his lyrics distorted and maligned in an effort to crucify President Obama,” the truth is, I think Barack and Michelle could have selected with a little bit more discretion.

Hear me out: I want my President to succeed. And as much as I love hip-hop, consider the multitude of black poets that would be as uplifting, effective and really as good even better than Common without the political fallout. In a time when the Obama’s need to continue thriving, I’m not sure any rapper is worth it.

Now, that’s just common sense.

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