Shamtrax – U Cud Be

“Someday, I hope, the love that I give’ll come back to me.”

Shamtrax is an artist. He has a gift for producing music with colorful sounds and he sings and raps with swagger and unique lyrical depth. Even as one-fourth of production powerhouse, The Soundkillers, it seems sometimes that his artistic persona is almost in direct contrast with the man you’ll meet on any given day (think Beyoncé vs. Sasha Fierce); he’s approachable, polite and conversational. Nevertheless, there’s an obvious shield set in place when it comes to his craft. Unlike most artists, he’s reluctant to feed the musical appetite of his growing fan base (à la Dr. Dre), and understandably so. After all, what fan base would there be if the quality of the final product wasn’t solid every time?

Whatever the case, a post like this one is a rarity—and like any rarity, each occurrence warrants appreciation. While Shamtrax continues perfecting a catalogue of music in a cave somewhere in Musicville (by invitation only), cast an ear on a preview to what may someday (or never) be the best song you’ve ever (or never) heard.

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