Mixtape Review: Chet-Peez – Red Kool Aid & Brown Sugar (The Mixtape)

“Before you start rapping, ask yourself ‘Am I exceptional? Am I doing this any better than the next guy?’ Mediocrity is running rampant.” –The Realest Cool

Chet-Peez released his mixtape Red Kool Aid & Brown Sugar on Christmas 2011 and since I stumbled on it, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to opine. 

The beat selection on his mixtape isn’t bad; in fact, it’s actually pretty good. While, as of late, this seems to be difficult for new rappers who only want to rap over the hottest song of the moment, Chet-Peez seems to have a smart enough ear to select tracks that can be complimented by decent hooks and flows.

The area most in need of improvement, however, are in the verses. The lyrics on RKABS just don’t make the grade. This is particularly disappointing because Peez’s flows are sometimes dope (and have I mentioned that the production isn’t bad?). Additionally, 20 songs may be a little too ambitious for Peezy at this stage. It’s the age-old rule of “quality over quantity;” about 13 of the final 20 tracks should’ve been left on the cutting room floor. 

Even the guests on this project, throw punch lines that miss making them appear as amateur-level spitters. Featured artist, Keyz confusingly raps: “Beat the beat up, now its looking like Emmitt Smith.” The football player? Did he mean Emmett Till? Songs range from good enough (“Double Cups [Remix])” to just awful (“Life” and “On the Grind”). The former being a perfect example of great beat production, great hook, poor verses. In fairness, there are several songs that just weren’t properly mastered and it shows (see “Lord Knows [Remix]”).

The challenge with a lot of young, new artists is that they haven’t experienced or learned enough before beginning their rap careers; consequently, the subject matter is shallow. They end up inundating listeners with lyrics about the lyrical ability they possess (but never really showcase), what they’ll do to your/their chick, smoking ganja, poppin’ bottles and their grind/stacks. When such jargon isn’t coupled with an exceptional amount of creativity, it really isn’t worth the time. Chet-Peez’s mixtape is not an exception to this rule, but more like an example. Nevertheless, listeners are still likely to find songs that are worth keeping on their iPods.

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2 Responses to Mixtape Review: Chet-Peez – Red Kool Aid & Brown Sugar (The Mixtape)

  1. Keys says:

    First of all none of the tracks are mixed,we did this shit all ourselves recorded everything and its still a rough draft no filters /no studio .. Trust me this mixtape was the first of the takeover and I cant wait to see your reviews on whats next to come..constructive criticism is the best and we love any review , o yea and please know who u talking about when quoting lines !!RED-KOOL AID Brown Sugar CHECK IT OUT KEYZ said so!

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