T.BOA – 40z Ounce

“N*ggas be livin’ they life wrong./ They focus on b****s, I focus on digits;/ Acquire the both of them lifelong./ Won’t buy a piff if the price wrong./ Ugly as s**t when it come to the writtens,/ it’s hideous, dog, I be sexing the mic/ when I spit, do not turn the lights on…” 

Southside, Queens’ own, T.BOA, has an obvious appreciation for music that extends beyond “hip-hop” and a worldly perspective that translates to a rare type of lyrical capacity. His recent mixtape, Villa, contains a colorful array of flows, production and subject matter (despite the underwhelming, black & white cover); these characteristics allow for a pretty capativating journey from track 1 to track 20.

On “40z Ounce,” BOA blacks out and gives us sheer dopeness using a run-on flow and an eerie, yet alluring, musical backdrop.

Listen and download T.BOA’s mixtape, Villa, here.

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