Kanye West Freestyles About Being Stood Up By an Ex

Props to Necole Bitchie for this one…

So, apparently, during a show last night in Australia, Mr. West decided to divulge details about a night when he was stood up because his ex chose the club over nookie. It’s cool, it’s comical… it’s Kanye. 

Lyrics after the jump.

And it goes a little something like this:

“It’s 11:15 and I gotta hit you up.
Are you playin or what? …
12:35 saying that you ain’t get the text
And that you’re on your way, well okay, okay
Now it’s 1:15 and baby you got to be playin’,
Where are you? Are you coming? Are you still coming through?
She said she’s at the club with her girl. And it’s her girl birthday. And she’s keeping her longer.
And [she said] you know how that goes and she want to see me so bad and
She’s leaving in about 15 minutes after this one favorite Pitbull song goes off or some sh-t like that…

Now it’s like 2:45, and you know what type of texts ni–as send at that time.
I text her and I said, ‘Are you alive?’ That’s when you send that text and say, ‘are you alive?’
Because the only reason you not here, b-tch you better had died. You better had died…

Now it’s like 3:30, and you’re on your way. And a ni–a so got damn horny you know what I said “Okay.” I just said okay. Who you gonna listen to your ego or your d-ck? The d-ck wins.

And I can’t understand, holding the white wine
Blackberry in my hand, looking at the time
Seven AM, I can’t believe this b-tch sent me through this sh-t again…
Oh, you got me, huh? You gone get me every chance you get? I don’t know when you gonna quit.
This why I left yo ass in the first place. This why I hurt your ass in the first place.

I left the door cracked open, New York City is dangerous,
I could have been robbed, I could have been robbed!
A ni–a would take that chance for some pu–y mami.
This the kindda pu–y you risk you life over.
This the kindda pu–y you leave your wife over.
This the type of pu–y you spend the night over…
And look at me trying to spend the night over

I’ll admit it, even though I’m disrespected as a motherf-cker I still want to hit it
Now, the next night Saturday I page her a– again

My friends say, what the f**k is wrong with him?
‘Cause there ain’t no sex like an ex, ain’t no sex like an ex
Cuz you be so mad at that muthaf-cka, and you know they got a new muthaf-cka
and you know you just wanna f-ck her to prove the next n-gga ain’t as good as you
and he can’t do what you do.”


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