The Uncool: Gwyneth Using the N-Word

Most of you know by now that the loveable Gwyneth Paltrow, who has a public friendship with Jay, ‘Ye and Beyonce, tweeted the photo above on Friday with the caption “N**gas in paris for real.”


She has since been in the middle of a slew of controversy as many have found her comment to be insensitive and reckless while some others passively say it’s no big deal. Shortly after the tweet debacle got the world all astir, Gwyneth defended her tweet by writing: “Hold up. It’s the title of the song!”


While I can understand the “take-the-word-off-the-pedestal” approach, I guess I’m not as progressive as some. See, here’s the problem, GP clearly doesn’t understand that the N-word is still a sore spot for a lot of Black people. And guess what? It’s still used as a racial slur. So, while I don’t think she deserves a media lynching, it seems to me that her Black friends really ought to provide her with a good talking-to.

I get it; it was just a play on the song title and the fact that it was finally being performed in the town from which it received its name. She wasn’t (I think) saying “these ni**as are in Paris for real,” (I think) it was more like “the song ‘N**as in Paris’ is actually being performed IN PARIS.” But, really, coming to that conclusion required a lot of thought (AND not to mention, giving Gwyneth the benefit of doubt) which is why her tweet was so obviously reckless.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to give our Caucasian brothers and sisters a pass on the word ni**a/ni**er, so even if Gwyneth were married to a black man….even Obama himself….and had 6 of his babies, she’s still white. And in my mind, she needs to show a little more respect.

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