A.J. Morgan, “Grad School” Sunglasses

Albeit obnoxious to some, I’ll admit that I have tendency to adorn sunglasses while riding the train. While I understand the inferred pretention in wearing sunnies where there is no sun, in truth, I’m usually just too lazy to remove my eyewear. Plus, I guess I feel there’s justification in retaining my eye protection during my commute since my train does ride over the Manhattan Bridge (for all of 5 minutes).

But today on my way to Manhattan, a nice woman named Monica came over to me and asked where I purchased the specs that I was wearing. We talked briefly about the shape and rich brown tortoise color of the frame, the darkness of the lenses and beauty of “vintage” glasses. Now, to know me is to know that sunglasses are my unaffordable (since I can’t buy all of the pairs I want) and insatiable fetish. While most of my clothes and shoe choices are understated, my sunglasses range from Ray Ban to Persol.

However, today’s conversation on the train with Monica was sparked by a pair of sunnies that cost a mere $4.99! No, the decimal wasn’t misplaced—they were really just 5 bucks.

Purchased at Brooklyn thrift store, Beacon’s Closet (dope spot—even copped a vintage winter coat for $20), my A.J. Morgan “Grad School” sunglasses prove, once again, that the value of an item is all in how much you love it. Certainly, I can’t deny that high-end brands usually offer greater quality, but only a fool snubs an inexpensive item simply because it is low-priced. After all, beauty can be found in unlikely places.

These sunglasses can also be found at my home away from home, the Brooklyn Flea.

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