Chin up, Mr. President…

Politics isn’t really my bag. Still, I tune in to the Presidential race during the eleventh hour like most Americans do for the Super Bowl, to get a better feel for the stances taken by the Dems and Reps. 

So, needless to say, Barry O’s performance at the debate on Wednesday, October 3rd (his and Michelle Obama’s 20th wedding anniversary and my big sister’s birthday) was underwhelming. In fact, the only thing that isn’t really…ahem…debatable is that Mitt Romney bested Obama and walked away the victor. Agreed; and this blogger couldn’t bear to watch the President get stomped, tuning out after about an hour.

Recently, while watching the one and only political show that I choose to DVR “Melissa Harris-Perry” on MSNBC, one of her guests said that “Democrats have to guard against over-confidence” and boy was she right. Underpreparation and over-confidence may have very well played a part in Wednesday’s defeat for Mr. Obama, but fortunately, he has two more shots at redemption.

While it wouldn’t be wise for the President to drastically change his temperment and approach for the next debate, here’s what the president should fix in time for the next debate against Romney:

  • Mention Romney’s terribly offensive statement about the 47% of Americans who are disillusioned, lazy and not-worth-his-time. It’ll remind us of the Republican mindset and why we shouldn’t vote Romney.
  • Call his opponent out for lying. Mitt Romney said Obama doubled the deficit; Obama lowered the deficit. Romney said that Obama invested in “Green” jobs and that half of those companies have folded; Nope, out of 36 companies, 33 are still going strong. Romney said Obama is cutting 716 billion from the Medicare budget; also, just not true.
  • Look up. Look alive. Mr. Obama’s body language was completely off and in a surprising turn of events, he was out-styled. He conveyed all the confidence of a child getting scolded by the prinicipal. Gazing down and writing notes for relatively long periods and smugly chuckling when he was being called out for his various “ineffective” policies. But, in essence, HE IS THE PRINCIPAL and he should have looked his opponent in the eye and conveyed more passion and conviction in his message.
  • Put his foot down. Figuratively and literally. This continues from my previous point; look, one thing I despised about Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, was his L’État, c’est moi (I am the state) approach—as if he didn’t have to answer to the people that he was elected to serve. But, Obama could afford to take a lesson from Bush in being the boss. Pull up the trousers, put the foot down—Romney stood more presidentially than Obama who dragged his right foot like a schoolboy—and tell Rom/plubicans that you are the boss; commander-in-chief, elected by the people and that you are doing a good job!
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